I Write Like

According to 'I Write Like' (www.IWL.com), my blogging style of writing is that of David Foster Wallace.  Ok, pathetically, I do not know what David Foster Wallace has written.   My style is like his?  Poor guy..   ;)  Fun website though - if you blog or write, you should check it out.
I Googled Mr Wallace, and I have to say that I might like his writing.. just from the titles of his books!  'Brief Interviews with Hideous Men', Consider the Lobster and Other Essays, 'A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again: Essays and Arguments'

Sadly, Mr Wallace committed suicide in 2008.  Criminy.. the places you find yourself while surfing.  Now I'm a bit sad about some guy that I had never heard of 10 minutes ago.  What a tangled web the internet weaves. 

Constant Entertainment ..and Trauma

Ah the cuteness..
For some reason, every time I drive through a woodsy/high foliage area these days, Devi will yell:
"Watch for tiger paws!!"     
?  I have no idea where this came from.  A cartoon maybe?  But it is quite funny when you are used to being around her and not hearing her come up with imaginative or random thoughts - she usually only repeats people, screams 'NO!', or asks simple 2-4 word questions.  Anyhow, this always results in huge giggles and continued alerts from both girls until we are out of the area.  Funny!

I've been sick all week with a cold/sore throat - and someone in Maya's class has confirmed strep throat.
Maya:  "Mommy, I sure hope that you don't have Shrek throat!"       Hee..  me neither!

Maya:  "Mommy, could I have some cotton slobs please?"


Devika had a run-in with a rubber band today.  I turned away from her in the kitchen for 20 seconds to grab a ringing phone.. suddenly I hear screams and this is what I see:
After watching the welts appear and not seeing anything she could have hurt herself on or with - I am freaking out!  Finally I figure out she keeps yelling 'Foot!  Foot!' and holding up her foot.  Then I notice a small rubber band under the cabinet.  Obviously she put the rubber band around her foot and it flipped off into her face.
This kid could injure herself in a feather bed I think!  Poor boo!

To Everyone Who Complains That I Never Answer My Phone: