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According to 'I Write Like' (www.IWL.com), my blogging style of writing is that of David Foster Wallace.  Ok, pathetically, I do not know what David Foster Wallace has written.   My style is like his?  Poor guy..   ;)  Fun website though - if you blog or write, you should check it out.
I Googled Mr Wallace, and I have to say that I might like his writing.. just from the titles of his books!  'Brief Interviews with Hideous Men', Consider the Lobster and Other Essays, 'A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again: Essays and Arguments'

Sadly, Mr Wallace committed suicide in 2008.  Criminy.. the places you find yourself while surfing.  Now I'm a bit sad about some guy that I had never heard of 10 minutes ago.  What a tangled web the internet weaves. 

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Amanda said...

It is sad that he is gone and more so that we know now that we miss him.
I've found myself in some strange circles while browsing the internet.

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