Laugh or Cry.. I Choose To Laugh! (usually)

As usual, this has been a very entertaining week in our house.  As much as these kids tire me out and often leave me longing for 8 pm every night.. they constantly brighten my life with unexpected laugh-out-loud moments (usually leaving the serious child completely perplexed!)!  Here are a few of the most recent amusements:

We recently dined at a restaurant that had a deer head mounted above a large fireplace.  Devika was extremely intrigued with this - she kept saying: "He's stuck!  He's stuck!", and and trying to look for the rest of his body on the opposite side of the fireplace.

    This morning, in middle of a tantrum, Devi shut a drawer on something.  I said 'Devi - can you please fix that?'.. she paused her screaming and replied:  'No, I'm not done whining yet!'   

    Maya:  "Mom, are you 40??"
    Me:  "Yes"
    Maya:  "OH NO!  You're going to die soon!!"     Nice.

    Maya easily memorizes her favorite books, and she memorized ''Twas The Night Before Christmas' almost immediately upon hearing it.  She loved it and has recited it many times.  Last night, she was 'reading' the book to her little sister, and I overheard this sentence:
    "He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot, 
    And his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and sh*t"

    I am going to leave you today with a bit of parenting wisdom that I have gained recently:

    You can spend hours searching your house for that ever-elusive black permanent marker.  A 3-yr old, however, can find the same marker in seconds - and have her face painted and your business paperwork drawn-on within 30 seconds.

    Yoga is relaxing.  Vino is relaxing.  Combining the two sounds delicious!  :)

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