Questions For Upcoming Adoption Videocast??

As I posted a couple of weeks ago, I am in the process of creating a videocast entitled, 'Adoption - Frequently UN-Asked Questions'.  I wanted to send out one last request for your questions.  I will not be taking any questions after Thursday, March 11th. 
Please limit your questions to more personal-type inquiries.  Though I might feel like an expert in the field of adoption (after adopting our two amazing little girls from India within the past 4 years).. I technically am not!  I will not be discussing current adoption timelines, paperwork questions, or financial aspects.  I am assuming that this videocast will appeal to pre-adoptive families, or families who are just considering or beginning the adoption process.  I am planning to answer questions that have been posed to me, as an adoptive parent, in the past.. from these types of families.  
I will be answering questions along the lines of.. 'why did you decide to adopt internationally?'.. 'were you afraid to meet your child for the first time, and can you describe the experience?'.. 'how did you choose your agency?'.. 'did you have problems bonding with your child?'..  'how do you handle the issue of race with your child?'.. 'are you going to/did you tell your child she was adopted'.. etc..etc..
So if there are questions that you have always had, but were afraid to ask (or just did not know WHO to ask).. here is your chance!!  Post your questions to the comments of this blog entry, or post your email address and I will get in contact with you.
Don't forget to spread the word to your friends and families!


Waterlover said...

Hi Amy,
My mom did say she saw you and I got so jealous because she got to meet Maya and Devi in person! Hopefully one day I will too.
Someone asked me a question about adoption the other day, so I thought I'd ask you even though the deadline is passed.
She asked,"Why go outside of USA to adopt a child?"

Jack said...

Ok, I just played with this tool too. Fun, mesmerizing... :-) I understand if you got sucked in.

Jack said...

Above- Waterlover, and Jack is actually me - Becky. I just don't know how to post my comment as myself. :-) That's why I am continuously in awe when I log in to your site and see what you have created. I just haven't had the ability or time to put towards figuring out much about the computer.

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