Gender Issues?

Is Angelina Jolie Turning Shiloh Into a Boy? Parenting Experts Weigh In

 I saw this headline today.. and normally I would not even bat an eye, but would ignore the silly media headline and continue in my original surfing direction.  Today, however, I found the timing of this article to be somewhat coincidental and humorous (and still strikes me as very silly that people waste their time worrying about the haircut and wardrobe of a celebrity's 3-yr old child).

Let's rewind and play-back a conversation that I had with my 4-yr old daughter last night at the dinner table:

Maya:  Mom?  When are we going to heaven?

{Instantly I am on alert, and my 'try to give the appropriate response as indicated by recent psychological research' mom-mode kicks in.  Is she going to talk about Grandma and Grandma-Nanny?  Are we going to have a deep discussion (again) on dying and heaven?  What triggered this?  Did she have a dream about Grandma?  Is she scared?  Does she think she is going to die soon?  Is she afraid that I am going to die soon?}

Me:  I don't know sweetie, but I hope it isn't going to be for a long, long time.  

{Maya looks crest-fallen}

Maya:  Do you think that God can make me a boy in heaven?  I want to be a boy.

Me:  You want to be a boy in heaven?  I think that God can make you anything that you want to be in heaven.  

{Maya looks very happy.  I am a bit worried about my response, and hope that she doesn't try any type of quick detour to her 'boyhood' in heaven!  Good lord.}

For the rest of the evening, Maya talked occasionally about the fact that she likes boys and wants to turn into a boy (note that this child, since the inception of potty-training and learning about boy vs girl 'parts'.. has insisted that she is going to be a boy and wants to stand-up to pee).  She wants to wear boy clothes, and begged me to buy her a button-down shirt and tie from the catalog I was perusing for the girls' Easter dresses.  After I refused to buy her a 'boy' Easter outfit, she finally seemed to be satisfied with the selection of a blue dress with a blue bunny sweater.  'NO PINK!'  'I WANT BLUE!'

Criminy!  I was hoping to buy the girls very cute, matching Easter dresses in a tea-rose color with big bows on them.  SIGH.  Maybe next year.  Our Easter photo shoot is taking a new direction.

Shiloh and Maya should hang out.


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Charlotte said...

In this age, the children want to resemble people whom they like. A friend at school or a hero of cartoon.

My nephew wants to be a rabbit, it is necessary to call him rabbit otherwise he makes nothing.

Maya has perhaps an overdose of pink. Many small girls saw too much pink, it is because of big girls as us. :)

And many girls cut her hair too, Attention, quickly hides scissors.

Oh and about shirt, my godson want very short red shirt, it's so hum cute :)

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