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Maya (playing 'heart doctor'): Devi, we are going to activate your medicine. 

Devi: What?       

Mommy: I think Devi does not understand what you are saying.

Maya: Ok Devi, I mean we are going to acknowledge that you are sick. You have nitro-arelekalites in your stomach. You need an enema.

I so enjoy my daughter's expandng vocabulary and imagination!  Though I can say for sure that I would not want to be her patient in this game!


A few products that I feel the need to promote today:

GAP 1969 Super Skinny Jeans for girls  

O M G!  Super happy day when we discovered these.  Maya and I went school clothes shopping, and every pair of pants and pant-like-leggings at all of the stores were much too large for her.  Finally we pop into GAP.. and there they are.  Big display just inside the store:  SUPER SKINNY 1969 JEAN

I thought, hmm.. too good to be true?  We tried the jeans on - and - lo and behold!  They FIT!!  The legs fit perfectly, the butt didn't sag, and I only needed to adjust the waist a couple of button settings!!  WOW!  

If you have a skinny-skinny kiddo, you absolutely need to check these out immediately.  They are $29.50 each, but are currently buy one, get the 2nd for $10.  PLUS you will get a card (don't forget to request one, they seem to 'forget' this promo) to have stamped for each full-price pair that you purchase.  After purchasing 4 pair, you get the 5th for free!  The card promo is good through July of 2011.

My Creations - Personalized stories for unique families

Ok, I might be promoting this item a bit early, as I do not have an actual book in my hand.  I think that the web gallery of the books is adorable however, and I cannot wait to get the book I recently ordered for Devika!  I wanted it for her b-day, but it won't be here on time.  Oh well, she really doesn't understand the birthday concept yet anyhow.  She just knows that birthday = Barney cake.  :)  {yikes.. better get that cake ordered!!}

Anyhow, check this out!  I love how the books are made with cute cartoon people, and are personalized according to your family's situation.  I love how they have categories for domestic adoption (open and closed), international adoption, IVF, surrogate, etc.  Very very cool way to continue open discussion with your young child about the way your family was created.  Also a fun gift - I purchased a gift certificate for a friend who recently adopted a baby.

Custom Adoption Films - Oh and while we are plugging adoption-related items, don't forget that my photography and film-creation business creates adoption-story custom films!  My kids LOVE to watch their films.  It's another great way to share their story with them and with other friends/family members.  Check out my website for samples:


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