Sea Level Is For Sissies!!

 On Monday, Aj and I (and my friend Jamie) joined 50,418 other runners in what Runner's World magazine has labeled 'America's Best 10K'.  Yes that's right.. we both actually entered a 10K race.. and finished in respectable time.  Of course Aj isn't happy with his time - but he is much more athletic and competitive than I (and to be noted.. he did not train for this at all).
I, however, am very happy - happy that I actually ran the entire course!  Yay!  I really thought I would have to walk a mile or 2.. but turned out that I did not.  I have never even jog/walked 10K during my training.. so wasn't anticipating a lot with this race.  I don't think any of the Elites were concerned about my entry!  

I actually could have gone faster, but was afraid that I would bonk if I did.. so took it slow and steady and never even ran short of breath.  Amazing!

The race was seriously fun - thousands of spectators who were partying along the sidelines (the race is a road race and runs through several neighborhoods).. spraying us with hoses (thank god).. and cheering us on.  Many people were in costume - I was actually quite annoyed by a banana who I think stayed ahead of me the entire race!  There were also 35 bands/dancing groups who entertained us in different sections of the race course.
The finish line was inside CU's stadium, which was filled with spectators.  It was a great feeling to run through that stadium toward the finish!  I felt like a football player.. haha!
Anyhow, check off another item on the list of 'Things I Never Thought I Could Do'.  :)  w00t!!!!

A very short slideshow with some photos of the event:  BolderBoulder 2010


Jack said...

Amy, are you sure you didn't photoshop in the giant crowd in the stadium seats? :-)

Jack said...

Good luck with Devi. Don't worry, all your love, time and knowledge will pull her through- I am sure. BTW, this isn't Jack, it's Jack's mom, Becky H., Karen H's sis from IN. I just don't know what I am doing computer-wise. Hee hee, oh well.

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