Another Hole In My Heart

It's hard to believe, but we lost our grandmother (Dad's mom) today.  It's been a tough past few months.  Hope Mama and Nan are happily reunited today and watching over all of us.  They are going to be so, so very missed. 

It was so strange.. the other day I was getting my haircut and telling my hair-guy about Nan and how sick she was. For some reason the memory that came to my mind that I shared with him was how the first time that I saw Purple Rain was with Nan.  I always thought it was somewhat hilarious that my grandmother and I hung out and watched that movie together.  I would not have guessed that she would have enjoyed it - ha!  She was awesome.
Anyhow, I went home that evening and was cooking dinner. Ajay turned the TV on and was watching something.. all of a sudden I realized what it was.. Purple Rain!
How coincidental eh?
I can't believe that both my mom and Nan are gone now.  Life is going to be so wierd.. getting adjusted to being without both of them.  Everyone in our extended family was very close to Nan.. she was somewhat of a matriarch. She was always the only person who could tell me that my butt looked fat or my hair looked unflattering.. without hurting my feelings!  Such the grandmother.  :)  Of course.. it didn't hurt my feelings b/c usually she complimented the heck out of me.. so it was all good.  
Ah, the memories.  So many good ones.  It's the end of an era.


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The Labontes said...

Amy, Reading about your Nan's comments and how she could say them without hurting your feelings reminded me of my own Nana. My favorite of her comments was upon discovering that one of my friends was an "exotic dancer." "Oh, Kristy, I'm so glad you don't have the body for that!" Said with the utmost love and good intentions :) Thinking of you and your family as you endure another loss.

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