Who's White??

Well, come to find out.. it might be.. 
Have you read 'Stuff White People Like' by Christian Lander?  No?  Hm.. neither have I.  If you actually HAVE read this book.. I might need you to tell me if I have been insulted.
I did, actually, just order the book as I was told that it describes 'me' quite accurately.  
I scoffed, however, when I first heard this.  What?  Me?  'White'?  
Surely not.  
I don't mean to slam on the entire Caucasian race of course.  I have just never thought of myself being the personification of 'white people'.  That idea, truthfully, scares me.  Especially in my current state of mind - having just finished reading 'The Help' a couple of days ago (btw..GREAT book).
I have a bad feeling that I am NOT going to like this book.
Does that mean that I have an identity issue?  Will reading this book give me an identity crisis?
I have tried to deny that this idea could even potentially be true (without reading the book yet of course.. a daring feat I admit), but was then asked if I know who 'David Sedaris' is.  I guess there is an entire chapter entitled 'David Sedaris'.  I can't really hide the fact that I know this author.. it seems that I have four of his audiobooks on my ipod at the moment.  Yikes.
We will see if the entire book describes me, or if there might just be one or two (or 30) coincidental similarities.  Stay tuned next week for the (not so) thrilling conclusion.

Speaking of audiobooks.. I again have to plug 'The Help'.  I actually listened to the audiobook, and I believe it might be my favorite audiobook of all time.  It was sooo very good.  The writing, the characters, the readers.  Wow.  I could almost listen again, and I have never listened to an audiobook twice.
Oh wait, I did listen to Stephen King's Needful Things two times.  Over a very, very long period of time though.
Siiigh.  That was my mom's fav book and audiobook (and one of mine).  :(  She actually found a store in Canada that was called 'Needful Things' and was an antique-type store.  She bought me a hand mirror at that store.  If you have read the book, you will understand that reference.  That was one of those once-in-a-lifetime-awesome-purchases.  Perfection. 
{when will these memories stop causing instant sharp pains in my upper-abdomen??}

Ok, ok.. I've decided that I have to end every blog post with something happy.  There has been too much sorrow, pain, and anxiety in my life over the past several months.  I have always believed that some people just seem to be 'magnets' for unhappiness.. and I want to ensure that I never become that.  I'm starting to worry!!  So - in the manner of 'The Secret' (nope, never read it.. but a friend did and was so overcome by the message that he gave me a 2-hr dissertation on it over a long dinner one night) - I am going to send positive thoughts out into the universe in order to bring positivity into my life.  {one might also call that 'FAITH'.. but who am I to question the Secret}


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