Getting By

My classes are now in full-swing, and o m g!  I had no idea that they would take this much time.  I am greatly enjoying both of them.. but wow.  Time-suckers.  No time for fun!  Oh well.  The price to pay for feeling cerebral.  

I'm wondering if anyone out there has advice for containing a lippy 4-yr old?  ;)  My god.. the girl turns 4 and you would think she has turned 13.  I shudder to even begin to think of her teenage years!  This is an interesting age for sure.  She will be in a great mood.. totally entertaining and just amazingly awesome.. and then BAM!  She is angry and lashing out and making horrible faces at me while punching at the air in front of me and spitting down the front of her shirt (an absolute NO-NO in my house thank you very much).  ?!?!  Hormones already?  
Time to pull out the parenting books again to get some new ideas for containing her craziness!  Seriously though, Maya is an uber-smart, amazing girl.  Just the latest phase.  Hope it is a short one!!  
 Ah where is my mom when I need to get advice! 
And on that note.. well, speaking of Maya and advice.. the girl was sick AGAIN last week.  She had a fever for a week.  During the day she was fine, but at night.. fever and forehead-headache plus the leg/joint pains she gets every time she is sick (and many days in between).  Her doctor gave me a little sh*t about not bringing her in after 3 days with a fever.  I'm like.. uh.. HELLO!  I brought her 3-4 other times when she had a fever of 106 for 3 days and you acted like I was a moron b/c she just had a virus!!  Good lord.  This time her fever wasn't that high, thank god.  
Anyhow.  Does a freaking day go by when you don't feel like a crappy parent???  I'm waiting for one of those days.  Really though.
So my in-laws think Maya must have caught something in India last year when we picked up Devika.  I actually wonder myself.  She never was sick.. nor did she ever have leg/joint pains prior to that trip.  I can remember the first leg pain day - we were in Goa.  It is a tad coincidental.  I've asked the pediatrician though, and she blows me off.  I think I'm going to request whatever info I can get on her med file and get a 2nd opinion.  If I don't, my in-laws will probably come here and do it for me.  They are highly irritated that I haven't done so yet.  
Remember how sick Maya was just before my mom got so sick.  Thank god that didn't all happen at the same time.  I had one week in between her finally recuping and mom falling uber-ill.  Seems odd that they really found nothing wrong with her after our 2 long ER visits, CAT scan, etc.. and then the strong antibiotic made her well.  She recovered ~24 hrs after starting the antibiotic this past week also.  
I have to wonder.  The girl is just always, always sick.  
Criminy, this mom-job just isn't easy, is it?  
Thankfully Devi has been healthy and happy.  She was re-assessed by her OT today.  Still lagging behind in certain things.  She doesn't have the hand-strength she should have (that a 24-mo child should have.. and she is 30 mo now).. can't stack the blocks high enough.. etc.  Soo.. the OT continues.  On a VERY happy note.. she is beginning potty-training!!  She used the potty for me one time yesterday and once today.  She has also been using it pretty consistently at school.  YAY!!  

Maya has a new favorite bedtime story that she would like to share with you:

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