Adoption Podcast/Videocast

Do you have questions about adoption that you have always been afraid to ask?   

Here is your chance!
I have received numerous emails, phone calls, and even personal visits to discuss questions surrounding adoption.  Most of these Q&A sessions begin with the same fact-based questions (what agency did you use, what country did you adopt from, what types of documents and information about my life will I be expected to provide).. and always lead to the more personal questions (how did you decide on your agency, were you terrified to meet your child for the first time, have you honestly bonded with your child, etc.etc.etc).  And of course, the personal questions are the ones that lead to page-long answers and coffee-into-lunch meetings.  The personal questions are the ones that everyone really wants to ask.. but often do not know who they can ask.  
Or if it is politically-correct to ask. 
Soo.. here is your chance!  Or here is the chance for that friend of yours who keeps mentioning that she is considering adoption but is feeling overwhelmed.  
Send me your questions!  I, of course, have many questions already noted from past email exchanges.. but who knows if it is the question that you have.  You can be anonymous.. just comment on this post with your question, send me a personal email, or Facebook me (if you are a FB friend, of course).  Direct any of your curious friends or family members over here.. no one will be turned away.  ;)  No worries about being uber-politically-correct also.  Believe me, I am pretty sure that I've heard them all.. or at least a good number of non-pc-questions.

I will be creating a podcast or videocast to discuss this topic.  I'm hoping to create this within the next week or two, so please send your questions ASAP.  
Don't forget to check back to watch/listen!  If you have a preference.. video or podcast (are you more apt to watch on your computer/phone or would you just like to listen while driving/working/etc) - please submit it.
Why I am doing this?  I am currently taking a graduate workshop on Distance Learning in Education.  This will fulfill one of the required activities for the course (though only if I have response.. so please respond.. whether it is to submit a question or to comment on the actual podcast).  This however, is not the only reason that I am doing this podcast.  As I had mentioned, I am asked these types of questions quite often.  I had already been giving this some thought.. as maybe this would be a good reply to the emails.  Maybe it would be nice to see and hear your questions answered than to just read a wordy email.  
If you have been following my blogs at all, you will also know that video is my fav mode of communication.  I love making films.. especially about my fav topics and people.  Here is a great excuse for another!


Charlotte said...

I have a question:
One think afraid me, and if the child don't like me?

Or is it possible that we have a rejection?

I listen a story about a kid who was rejected by her adoptive family.

Peter and Nancy said...

Hmmm. Great idea! We have been asked so many questions too.

The ones asked by non-adoptive people are:
"Why didn't you adopt a child from the United States, when there are so many of our 'own' kids who need a family?"

Another one is about adopting a child from a different culture. We've been asked how we can possibly teach her about her birth country/culture, as non-Indians, and they seem to fear that she will be hurt/deprived later in life.

People who are interested in adopting usually ask about how they can afford it, how we chose our agency, and how our daughter is adjusting. Because we also have two biological children, brave people will ask if there's any difference in how we feel about our adopted child.

Can't wait to see your finished product!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

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